Saturday, November 26, 2011

Race War Prophecy- Prophetess Aluoch

America is headed to Race War because America is a Racist Satanic Beast of the Global Elite. The Global Elite's Racial Pogroms have hurt everybody- especially Blacks.

The Global Elite have contrived a system of Racially Brainwashing the masses into thinking that:

- Their culture is superior than one another's culture.
- They are superior to another Race.
- They have enemies who are against them, when in all reality it's an unseen enemy who is the enemy of all- Satan and his Minions in the Global Elite on Earth.
- People have problems in life because they come from a supposedly Genetically "Inferior Race."
- People have problems in life because they and their Race are "Lazy."
- People have problems in life because they and their Culture is inferior.

The Global Elite have created economic and social problems by design to divide the races, while at the same time creating a militant Racist Jack Boot Police State that hunts down young Black men like dogs with a "Drug War" and "Terror War" as an excuse to enact out a Satanic oppressive policy of today. Many Young Blacks when asked may bring up Racism of the past as why they are angry, but in all reality it's nothing more than show to not cause trouble.

Many Young Blacks are Really angry about the:

- Global Elite contrived Drug War.
- De-industrialization of the Cities by design.
- Fact that they are more educated than their parents but make less than they did at their age.

These are all problems designed by the Global Elite, using the White people as willing or unsuspecting pawns in their system to purposely or inadvertently to act our their Black Genocide agenda. However, the Agenda is Genocide of everybody, but they use Race as a wedge to divide people into thinking that they belong to superior groups and when it's too late they will kill everybody.

However, Doom and Gloom aside, God has big plans to solve America's Race Problem, but seemingly it must come from conflict. The Global Elite's plans will fall apart quickly when this happens, and God will step in.

You'll see.

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